Training for
New Firearm Owners

For new and soon-to-be gun owners, nothing is more important than becoming comfortable, safe, and secure when handling your firearm. These training videos provide a solid foundation for new gun owners to develop and expand their knowledge of handling a firearm both at home and on the go.

Join Top Shot champ, Chris Cheng, in learning the basics of firearm safety and the typical responsibilities of legal firearm ownership, from safe handling to safe storage.
Familiarize yourself with the basics of carrying a handgun, learn the differences between open carry and concealed carry, and discover which carry holster is the right one for you. Taught by 2X National 3-Gun champ, Dianna Muller.
Discover how your semi-automatic pistol functions and learn the common terminology used for the parts and pieces of your firearm. Taught by author and Top Shot champion, Chris Cheng.
Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship using these dry fire focused exercises to help you gain confidence and improve your skills in handling and shooting your firearm. Taught by author and Top Shot champion, Chris Cheng.
Join the founder of the DC Project, Dianna Muller, for an in-depth review of handgun proficiency. From finding the proper grip to common etiquette on the range, youā€™ll learn tips and exercises that will make you more proficient and confident when handling your firearm.
Have a home defense routine in place so you and your family are prepared if an invasion ever occurs. Former U.S. Special Forces, Mark Geist, helps you think through your home defense plan and provides tips you can utilize to secure your home.