How do I start using GOSAFE?

Upon opening your package, you will see a clearly labeled Quick Start guide as well as a sticker adhered to the product itself.

GOSAFE™ also provides access to free training videos on how to safely and effectively utilize its products.

What is GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ and GOSAFE Mag™ and how are they different?

GOSAFE is the world’s first mobile handgun safe that travels inside of your gun and can be activated at a moment’s notice.

The GOSAFE Mobile Safe™

  • Prevents unauthorized use of your firearm.
  • Travels inside your firearm unlocked or locked.
  • Secures your firearm whenever or wherever needed.

The GOSAFE Mag™ provides you with all of the same features as the GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ plus

  • Holds 10 rounds of ammunition
  • Ready-to-fire to locked down in seconds.

How do I know if my GOSAFE™ is unlocked or locked?

There are several ways to check if the GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ and GOSAFE Mag™ are unlocked or locked:

  • KEY POSITION: On the bottom of the GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ and Mag™, there are two positions SAFE and FIRE. If the key is in line with SAFE, your GOSAFE™ is locked. See the instruction manual for further information.
  • TACTILE INDICATOR: On the base of the GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ and GOSAFE Mag™, there is a tactile indicator pin on the back that will sit flush when in FIRE position and extend when the GOAFE™ is locked. Never rely solely on the indicator pin to determine if your GOSAFE™ is locked.

WARNING: NEVER PULL THE TRIGGER TO TEST IF YOUR GOSAFE™ IS LOCKED. See the quick start guide or instruction manual for further information.

If locked, can you eject the magazine?

No. If the GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ or GOSAFE Mag™ is locked, it cannot be removed unless unlocked with your security key.

Can you carry GOSAFE™ locked or unlocked?

Many people make the choice to carry the GOSAFE™ locked for added security, but others like to have their firearm ready at all times and only lock GOSAFE when necessary.

Does GOSAFE fit into a standard holster?

Yes. GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ and GOSAFE Mag™ are perfectly compatible with any holster as they travel inside your gun.

What handgun models is GOSAFE compatible with?

GOSAFE is currently compatible with Glock 17, Glock 19 and other Glock models. GOSAFE™ is working on developing compatible products for other popular handguns available on the market. Be the first to know when GOSAFE™ releases new products by joining our email list.

Is GOSAFE compatible with handguns that use compatible mags for Glock 17 and Glock 19?

While it may be possible to use GOSAFE™ products in other handguns, e.g., those products that use or accept interchangeable parts or incorporate designs or features that are similar to those specific model handguns, GOSAFE™ products are intended to be used with the designated OEM specific model handguns. Please refer to the user manual for your GOSAFE™ product and the applicable warranty for more information.

Does GOSAFE provide a product warranty?

Yes, you can activate your warranty here: https://gosafenow.com/pages/warranty-activation


Is a security key included with your purchase of a GOSAFE Mag or GOSAFE Mobile Safe?

Yes. one key is included with each GOSAFE Mobile Safe™ and GOSAFE Mag™. You can order additional keys by activating your account on gosafenow.com and then selecting security keys in the Shop section of gosafenow.com

How do I order additional keys for myself or other authorized users?

To maintain your security, additional keys can be purchased once you have activated your account on gosafenow.com. You will need to enter the unique security key code included with the product.

Where should I keep the key when it’s locked? How do I make sure it’s secure?

The storage of the key is up to the individual owner of the GOSAFE™ product. GOSAFE™ provides multiple solutions as an option to secure your key(s) including a GOSAFE™ Key Pouch and Retractable Lanyard available to purchase on gosafenow.com.


Where can I purchase GOSAFE in addition to gosafenow.com?

Yes. GOSAFE™ is available at many retailers across the USA, find one near you here: GOSAFE Store Locator


What’s the best way to train with this product?

GOSAFE™ provides access to several training videos utilizing the GOSAFE™ products:



What is the shipping cost?

GOSAFE orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of your transaction on gosafenow.com. We offer $5 flat rate shipping on orders within the 48 contiguous US states (with exception of Connecticut) with delivery times expected to be 3 - 7 business days. Should you wish to receive your order within 1 - 2 business days, we also offer a $15 expedited shipping option. Regional or nationwide shipping delays such as those caused by inclement weather, holiday volumes, etc. may impact your delivery date.

Do you ship to all US states?

We currently ship to the 50 US states with the exception of Connecticut. If you reside in Connecticut and would like to purchase GOSAFE, you'll find a list of retail locations where GOSAFE is sold here:

How do I track my order?

You can track your order through post-transaction emails sent by GOSAFE or by text message via the Shop app available in the Apple or Android app store.

What is your returns policy?

GOSAFE™ will accept returns within 30 days after original purchase. GOSAFE™ requires the purchaser to ship the product back to us using the pre-paid shipping label provided within your order. Once the returned item is received, GOSAFE™ will issue a full refund or credit within 5-10 business days. Products purchased in retail stores are subject to individual store return policies.