Determining when to have access to a loaded firearm or an unloaded firearm is an integral component to the development of your individual security plan. In this video you'll learn how the GOSAFE mobile security systems can best be used in a variety of scenarios.

Firearm ownership is a right, but managing access to your firearm is your individual responsibility. 

GOSAFE exists to empower gun owners to manage the security of their firearms on demand. In this session, we will review the unique flexibility and the two different ways to manage your firearm that when combined fits seamlessly into any personalized security plan. Since you're GOSAFE travels discreetly inside your firearm, You are no longer tethered to traditional firearms, security or storage devices that secure your firearm but also prevent you from having a firearm with you, when you may need it most. 

When creating your plan, consider when and where immediate access to a loaded firearm is preferred or at what point is separating your firearm from ammunition provide a higher level of security. When carrying your firearm on your person. GOSAFE, recommends using the GOSAFE Mobile Mag.

The Mobile Mag combines a fully functioning magazine with the ability to lock or unlock the trigger again in seconds giving you the peace of mind of knowing you can secure your firearm whenever and wherever needed. GOSAFE gives you the ability to carry your firearms in the fire and ready position when it's on you with the convenience of securing it If you need to be separated from your firearm for any reason.

GOSAFE Mobile, Mag, gives you greater peace of mind having your firearm with you, but knowing it is secure until you intend to use it. For those that choose to carry their firearm in the locked and safe position, it's important to give thought to how you manage your key to provide fast, yet, secure access to you and you alone. The key should be on you and easily accessible in the event that you do encounter a situation where you need to use your firearm.

GOSAFE recommends safely practicing, locking and unlocking your fire from your typical carry or storage position to ensure you develop a routine for quickly accessing and securing your firearm. Try different key storage locations to see what best works for you.

Would you feel comfortable quickly accessing your key while in your vehicle? How about when walking or mobile? The best solution may vary depending on your current environment. GOSAFE offers a wide variety of solutions for you. 

Various parts of your personal security plan may dictate the desire to separate your firearm from ammunition. In these instances, consider the GOSAFE Mobile Safe.

When in the safe position, your Mobile Safe is locked in the firearm trigger is blocked from firing and the slide is locked in the closed position. GoSafe Mobile Safe is ideal for instances where you cannot carry a firearm with you. 

Swap your magazine with your GOSAFE, Mobile Safe, secure your firearm and take your key with you. Having a Mobile Safe provides a quick and easy way to secure your firearm when not in use. When used together, GOSAFE, Mobile, Safe and Mobile Mag provide 24 hours. 360-degree security for both you and your firearm. 

GoSafe, ready when you need it safe when you don't.



Loadable & Non-loadable Mobile Firearms Security


3 minutes 21 seconds



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