Determining how your firearm enters and leaves your home is a key component when creating your security plan. What happens to your firearm when you enter your home? Where does your firearm go when it leaves your person? Watch the video to get a better understanding of how to manage access and security of your firearm at home. 

The unique mobility of GOSAFE empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your family when creating a personalized security plan. This should include how you manage your firearms entering and exiting your home and where you store strategically placed firearms when not on your person.

One of the most critical areas of firearms security is when you first enter your home. When you first walk into the house, what do you immediately deal with your firearm? 

If you shoot recreationally and have your handgun in a range bag, what's the first stop that bag makes when you get settled back in at home? Many times, it's the kitchen counter or some other temporary place in between the door and where you safely store your firearms when not in use.

Before entering the house, consider locking your GOSAFE to prevent unauthorized use of your firearm.

When you're creating your own home security plan, look at the various entry points to your home. If you experienced a home invasion, where would you move to safety? Based on someone gaining access to these various points, where would you not have an opportunity to exit the house? Where would you want access to a firearm if you're forced to protect yourself?

After establishing the various locations you may wish to store or keep the firearm consider the level of access that is most appropriate for you and your family and the potential use of that firearm. 

For areas where access to an immediately usable firearm is a priority. GOSAFE recommends that GOSAFE Mobile Mag as a fully functional magazine, the Mobile Mag gives you unmatched flexibility to choose the best possible location for your firearm.

If you're looking for more secure way of storing your firearm when not in your possession, yet want to maintain convenient access, consider the non-loadable GOSAFE Mobile Safe, which completely separates your firearm from ammunition.

GOSAFE, Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag empowers you to decide where to best store and place your firearm with the added peace of mind knowing that only you have access.

GOSAFE, ready when you need it safe when you don't.



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