The core idea behind the design of the GOSAFE system is the effective management of firearm security anytime, anywhere. GOSAFE provides gun owners the ability to integrate mobile firearm security seamlessly into their everyday lives. In this video you'll see how the Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag systems can be used to maintain firearm security on the move.

GOSAFE Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag are designed to empower you to manage your firearm on your terms and on demand deciding which to use and when depends on both your personal security plan and your own comfort level.

For everyday carry the GOSAFE Mobile Mag is the best option. Being a fully functional magazine integrates seamlessly into your everyday cherry routine and security plan when deciding how to carry with GOSAFE, consider your daily activity and where you're going to be going that day, thinking through your plan, and being aware of your surroundings can help you decide how to carry your firearms.

If you were going to be separated from your firearm, we recommend placing your GOSAFE in the safe position to help prevent unauthorized use. Remember to always keep your key with you to ensure only you have access for situations where you are consistently storing your firearm in the same place consider leaving GOSAFE Mobile Safe in that location so you can swap out your mag.

The GOSAFE Mobile Safe is the only security solution that locks the mag well, blocks the trigger and locks the slide closed, ensuring only you have access to a functioning firearm.

When you are back in possession of your firearm, simply swap out your Mobile Safe with your Mobile Mag and carry as you normally do. Over 300,000 firearms are stolen annually, and a third or from vehicles. If you temporarily leave your firearm in your vehicle, always ensure your GOSAFE Mobile Mag or GOSAFE Mobile Safe is in the safe position and keep the firearm out of sight and in a secure area of the vehicle. 

And be sure to familiarize yourself with your state specific transportation laws as they do vary state to state and remember that we love to show support of our favorite brands. Decals on your vehicle or a calling card for those looking to gain unauthorized access to a firearm. GOSAFE is the only safe travels inside your firearm, putting you in complete control wherever you and your firearm travel.

GOSAFE. Ready when you need it safe when you don't.



Managing Access & Security While Mobile


2 minutes 25 seconds



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