GOSAFE is committed to providing solutions that allow gun owners to be safe while not restricting the use of their firearm. In this video you'll learn how to demonstrate and explain revolutionary mobile security that GOSAFE enables. 

GOSAFE is a company focused on firearms training, risk mitigation and products that empower gun owners to own and carry firearms like never before. GOSAFE is committed to providing solutions that allow gun owners to be safe while not restricting their firearms use or speed of access.

GOSAFE provides retailers a unique opportunity to offer on demand mobile firearms security to your customers that they will actually use a solution that empowers them to maintain full access and mobility with the peace of mind, knowing that they can prove that unauthorized use of their firearm whenever and wherever needed. 

The best way to explain to customers. The revolutionary mobile security that GOSAFE enables is to show them in action.

Using a handgun demonstrate the differences and unique benefits that both the Mobile Safe and the Mobile Mag provide. When used together, both empower owners to carry and maintain complete mobility, combined with the ability to secure their gun and seconds and change, how they think about firearms storage, both at home and on the go.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when talking to your customers about the GOSAFE Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe. The GOSAFE Mobile Mag is a fully functional magazine that holds 10 rounds of nine millimeter ammo, perfect for everyday carry.

When in the safe position, the GOSAFE mag is locked in the firearm and the trigger is blocked from inside the gun. Even with a round in the chamber, the gun will not fire. The GOSAFE Mag does not lock the slide, like the mobile safe does. In fact, you can still cycle the action and eject the ammo out of the magazine while in the safe position.

The GOSAFE Mobile Mag is a safe that travels inside the gun. It empowers your customers to carry as they normally do. But with the added peace of mind, knowing that they can easily secure their gun, if needed, unlocked and in their holster or locked and secured wherever they decide best. GOSAFE puts them in complete control.

The Mobile Safe is in non laudable solution that operates similar to the Mobile Mag. When in the safe position, the mobile safe is locked in the firearm. The trigger is blocked, and the slide is locked in the closed position, it completely separates your firearm from ammunition.

A secure mobile solution that allows gun owners to store their firearms where they want to not just where they can fit a safe or a lockbox. Both the mobile safe and the mobile mag come with an easy to use high security key that is specific to that GOSAFE. Customers can order additional keys by going to and entering our unique key code that comes attached to the key.

Customers should store the tag and a secure location separate from the key.

GOSAFE, ready when you need it safe when you don't.



Presenting GOSAFE to Customers


3 minutes 7 seconds



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