Firearm mobility with complete security and fast access has never existed until now. Introducing GOSAFE™, a revolutionary mobile safe that enables access to your firearm while preventing unauthorized or unintentional use.  

Welcome to Go Safe, the evolution of firearm security.

GoSafe's Mobile solutions give you the ability to be in control of your firearm any time anywhere. GoSafe mobile magazines are available in two options, a loadable fully functioning magazine or a non-loadable internal safe.

GoSafe's Mobile Solutions put you in complete control of your firearm, providing you the perfect level of security, whether that is locked and secured in your vehicle or home or unlocked at your side in a holster.

The GoSafe mobile mag is a fully functioning magazine with trigger-locking technology that travels inside your gun giving you unrivaled security for a firearm that can be unlocked and ready to use or locked and secured when needed.

When the mobile mag is in a safe position, your mobile mag is locked securely in the firearm and your trigger is blocked from the inside. You can still operate the slide and the ammo will eject but the trigger remains completely blocked. The non-loadable GoSafe. Mobile safe, completely locks down your firearm.

The mobile safe is a perfect option for separating your firearm from use while still allowing you to have your firearm readily available without being stored away.

When turned to safe, your mobile safe is securely locked in the gun. The trigger is blocked from the inside and the slide is locked in the closed position. This effectively renders your firearm inoperable ensuring only you have access together.

The GoSafe mobile safe and mobile mag provide you the security of carrying a ready and accessible firearm with a peace of mind knowing that you can secure it whenever and wherever needed,

Go Safe, ready when you need it safe when you don't.



Introducing GOSAFE


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