Maintaining proper control of the GOSAFE key is an integral part of firearm security. In this video you'll learn some of the best practices for managing access to your GOSAFE key, as well as strategies that you can use to better understand and operate your GOSAFE system.

Every GOSAFE Mobile Safe and Mobile Magazine comes with its own high security key that puts you and those you trust in complete control of your firearm.

The metal tag attached to your key is the key code for your GOSAFE. Be sure to keep this code in a separate and secure place as it allows you to order additional backup keys from GOSAFE, highly recommends ordering a minimum of one key as a backup stored in a secure location.

You should practice inserting the key in your GOSAFE with an unloaded firearm and continue practice will develop the muscle memory to quickly lock or unlock your GOSAFE on demand.

One thing to know the key can only be removed once fully in the fire or safe positions.

To use your GOSAFE Mobile Mag ensure your firearm is pointed in a safe direction with your finger off the trigger and simply insert the Mobile Mag into the magwell. Your firearm and now functions as normal.

The unique ergonomic shape of the key handle allows you to quickly orient the key in the correct position consistently. To secure your firearm. Insert the key or in it in the fire position. 

Start with the taper into the key handle facing the red fire position on the bottom of your mag, which will always be oriented towards the rear of the firearm and then turn the key clockwise to the white safe position. 

The tapered end of the key handle should now be pointing towards the white safe position, which will always be towards the ejection portside, the firearm once secured in the safe position. Your firearm is now locked and secured from firing with your GOSAFE, blocking the trigger from inside of the firearm.

Even with a round in the chamber once fully in the safe position, the firearm will not fire.

Notice the white safety indicator button on the back of your safe is now protruding out from the magazine. This along with the key position indicates that your GOSAFE is locked. 

When unlocking your GOSAFE with the muzzle again pointed in a safe direction and your finger off the trigger. Insert the key with the narrow side of the handle, pointing towards the safe position on the bottom of the lock.

Again. This will always be pointing towards the ejection ports side of the firearm. Turn the key to the fire position, which has the narrow side of the key handle, pointing towards the rear of the firearm. Note, the indicator button is flushed with the magazine. This indicates, along with the key being oriented to the fire position that your GOSAFE is unlocked and firearm is ready for use.

Remember, never pull the trigger or rely solely on the indicator button to determine if your GOSAFE is locked or unlocked. Always check the key position to determine the current status of your GOSAFE.

To help manage your key, GOSAFE has various solutions to ensure convenient access to your key when needed including a retractable lanyard and convenient phone pouch that allows you to maintain control of your key as well as quick and easy access if needed.

GOSAFE, ready when you need it, safe when you don't know.



Managing Access to GOSAFE


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