Firearm mobility with complete security and fast access has never existed until now. Introducing GOSAFE™, a revolutionary mobile safe that enables access to your firearm while maintaining unmatched security and safety.

Welcome to a new era of innovative, real-world solutions by gun owners for gun owners. GOSAFE - Ready When You Need It. Safe When You Don't.



  • Our founders believe, like most gun-owners, that ownership is both a right of protection and a responsibility to protect others from unintended or unauthorized use. Firearms are easier to keep safe when they are stationary in storage but danger is not stationary nor should safety be stationary. GOSAFE believes lives can be saved if both mobile safety and fast access are achieved simultaneously, and when gun owners have both, they have the true peace of mind that comes from being protected and protecting others.

  • For the first time, GOSAFE delivers both. Now, only the owner controls accesss when and anywhere it is needed. GOSAFE is a collaborator is the broader community to initiate and support firearms use designed to protect and save lives in homes, schools and everywhere.


    We make more than firearm security products. We make firearm ownership safer. GOSAFE™ empowers every citizen to safely travel with and store their firearms in absolute confidence. Supported by training and outreach initiatives.


    Mark “Oz” Geist is a member of the Annex Security Team that fought the Battle of Benghazi, Libya, from September 11 to September 12, 2012. A Colorado native, Mr. Geist joined the United States Marine Corps in 1984. In 2004, he began doing contract security work, providing personal security details for state personnel in Baquba, Iraq. Upon the completion of that contract, he worked for the United States Investigative Services training Iraqi SWAT teams and personal security details. Mr. Geist finished his career as a security contractor in Benghazi, Libya, where he was credited with helping to save the lives of more than 25 Americans. He is a co-author of the bestselling book “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.”


    Dianna Muller received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Psychology from the University of Central Missouri in 1992 and joined the Tulsa Police Department in 2014. Over her 22-year law-enforcement career, Dianna became a serious 3-Gun competitor. She is a two-time USPSA Ladies Open National Champion, a two-time IPSC World Shotgun silver medalist and took gold on the Ladies team in 2015 and 2018. Today, Dianna actively promotes the shooting sports, responsible gun ownership and the Second Amendment. She founded the DC Project and together with her husband Ryan, founded the Ambassodor Academy; a five-day training course serving the 2A community.


    John McDonald is currently Chief Operating Officer for the Council for School Safety Leadership.  He was formerly the Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management for Jeffco Public Schools and recognized internationally as the architect of the post Columbine High School tragedy security and emergency management plan. John has been recognized as an expert on active shooter preparedness and emergency planning and has managed several school-based crises. He is the founder of ERCM Consultants - an organization that provides threat management, emergency response and physical security assessment services for educational institutions and law enforcement agencies.