The Gear Bunker Reviews GOSAFE

The Gear Bunker Reviews GOSAFE

Restricting unauthorized access to firearms is an issue firearm owners face when staging their firearms for home defense. Some options work for long-term storage, such as safes, but there are times and places where those solutions do not work due to space constraints or ease of moving the firearm. The Mobile Safe from GOSAFE is an answer to providing lightweight security and preventing unauthorized access to a pistol.

The Mobile Safe has a similar shape to a pistol magazine; however, it is non-loadable. In my case, the “safe” looks like a GLOCK magazine. Like the Mobile Mag, the Camlock is at the bottom of the safe with “Safe” and “Fire” markers. The Camlock has a unique key that the user will receive with the safe. I ensured that another key Camlock key would not work with my Mobile Safe’s lock, and as GOSAFE advertised, it did not work. A little pin sticks out at the base plate’s back when the Mobile Safe is locked.

The Mobile Safe’s body is solid and made from resin. The safe’s body also contains the connecting bar that connects the Camlock to the safe’s top. At the Mobile Safe’s top is a stainless-steel flange. When the lock engages, the flange rotates, blocking the slide from cycling and preventing the trigger assembly from functioning. The Mobile Safe also still functions if there is a bullet in the chamber. Unlike the Mobile Mag, when the lock is engaged, and the Mobile Safe is in the pistol’s magwell, the pistol will not function. The safe effectively makes the pistol an expensive paperweight.

Operating the Mobile Safe does not require any changes to the pistol. I had to insert the safe into my G19’s empty magwell and then lock the safe. To bring the pistol back into operation, I only had to unlock the safe and remove it from the magwell. I am ready to carry and use the pistol once the Mobile Safe is out and my magazine is back in the G19.

The Mobile Safe is a unique tool for securing a GLOCK-style pistol. I like the flexibility it gives me to make my G19 inert. Then I can make it operational in a matter of seconds. This flexibility is excellent for me when I stage a pistol in a room, and I want to restrict access to the pistol except for me or a trusted user. For $79.99, the Mobile Safe is practical for several applications. For example, the Mobile Safe can be of benefit to users who have small kids around. As with the Mobile Mag, the only available models for the Mobile Safe are compatible with the Glock 17, 19, 19x, and 34. However, GOSAFE plans to release Mobile Safe models Smith & Wesson M&P pistols and Sig Sauer P320.


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