The Ultimate Glock 19 Magazine Guide

The Ultimate Glock 19 Magazine Guide

The Glock 19 is a versatile handgun and part of this versatility stems from the variety of magazines available. From concealed carry to competition shooting to professional use, there is a Glock 19 magazine available for each. Let’s go over what a Glock 19 magazine is and some of the other aspects of these types of magazines.

What Is a Glock 19 Magazine?

A Glock 19 magazine is a detachable ammunition feeding device designed for use with the Glock 19 handgun. It provides the ammunition needed to fire the gun repeatedly. It comes in multiple variations and can hold different numbers of rounds depending on the style you select.

Selecting the right Glock 19 magazine is important because some locations do not allow certain magazine capacities, while some magazine capacities are better for things like competition shooting. This illustrates the extreme of magazine purchase, where one option prevents potential legal issues while the other can make winning a match easier.

Features and Specifications of Glock 19 Magazines

Glock 19 magazines are a combination of several different components, including the main magazine body, the follower, the spring, and the base plate.

The magazine body is made up of a nylon polymer. Newer magazines from the factory will feature a metal tube inside the polymer body. While this is referred to as a tube officially, most would consider it an inner reinforcement. 

This tube was added to the design to make factory magazines drop free from the gun easily. 

The magazine comes in a double-stack design, which means that the ammunition is stored in two staggered columns within the magazine. This increases the capacity of the magazine over more traditional single-stack options.

The rounds rest on and are pushed up by the follower with the help of the magazine’s internal spring. The spring and follower exert pressure on the ammunition to keep it in place until the gun removes the next cartridge from the magazine during the shooting process.

The spring rests on the base plate of the magazine. The base plate is a small removable section at the bottom of the magazine. This piece is removable to allow for the magazine to be cleaned, the spring or follower to be replaced, and for additional modifications.

Glock 19 magazines come in 15, 17, 19, 24, 31, 33, and 10-round capacities. The more ammunition in the magazine the longer it is. The 15-round option fits flush with the bottom of the grip on the Glock 19, while the 17- and 19-round magazines extended past the grip. Any capacity above 19 will significantly extend beyond the grip.

Glock 19 Magazine Accessories and Upgrades

There are a number of accessories and upgrades that you can use for your Glock 19 magazines. Some of the most useful accessories are magazine holsters or magazine pouches. These allow you to carry extra magazines and can be useful in some self-defense scenarios, competitions, and when used professionally.

The next upgrade is using extended base plates. These add mass to the magazine (which can help it drop free, especially if you’re not using factory magazines) and allow for two or more rounds to be added to the magazine’s capacity.

Using extended baseplates can get you a few more rounds in your magazine, but be sure to use the appropriate springs with them. If your springs are not designed for the extra length and extra rounds, you may experience feeding issues.

Another set of accessories is the GOSAFE Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag. These allow you to secure your pistol anywhere. They prevent the pistol from being used loaded and unloaded depending on which you choose. This adds peace of mind for you and security for your Glock 19 in a variety of circumstances.

Advantages of Using Glock 19 Magazines

Glock magazines are some of the most reliable in the market, and because of this numerous other gun designs use Glock magazines.

Glock magazines feed reliably with their proper springs. They are easy to load into the pistols they are compatible with and work in more than just the Glock 19, depending on the gun’s magazine.

The metal and polymer design allows for the magazine to work for a long time. This allows you to have reliability without having to cycle the magazines out every few years like some other magazines.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Glock 19 Magazines

Over time magazines can fill with carbon, dirt, and other debris depending on which environment you are in. This can impede the reliability of the magazine. Cleaning the magazine will help mitigate these issues.

Cleaning a Glock 19 magazine is a simple process. First, remove the base plate and ease out the spring and follower, make sure to hold the spring in place while removing the bottom of the magazine and ensure that the magazine is empty. Shake out the magazine shell to get any large debris out. Then take a soft to medium bristle brush that will fit inside the magazine and brush out the inside.

Visually inspect to see if there is any build-up left and if so go over the cleaning process again. If there is a lot of carbon build up you should use a gun oil that is safe to use with polymer and metal. If you want to see someone disassemble and clean a magazine check here.  

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips for Glock 19 Magazines

Magazines are classified as expendable items for firearms. This means they have a lifespan as they wear out over time. One of the most common issues you’ll encounter with a magazine is the failure to feed, which means the round does not properly go into the chamber and instead jams the gun.

If this happens across multiple magazines with the same gun, then the gun’s feed ramps may be the issue. But if it only happens with a particular magazine, the magazine is the issue. This means you should number or mark your magazines to keep track of which might have issues. 

If the spring is fatiguing it will not push the round up fast enough for the pistol to cycle properly. This will happen eventually since springs can only be compressed a certain number of times before they no longer return to their proper shape. If this is the case, replace the spring.

If the follower doesn’t cause the lock to open when the gun is empty, you may have to replace the follower. This is mostly a problem with the 10-round California-compliant magazines. If the magazine uses orange followers, you are less likely to have any issues. If you’re using older magazines without the orange followers, you may want to consider getting newer magazines.

Glock 19 Magazine: Carry the Best For Your Safety

Sometimes our circumstances dictate what we can carry for our defense. This means we need to carefully select our magazines to avoid issues. Some options are better than others depending on where you live. If you travel through a variety of jurisdictions, consider using the GOSAFE Mobile Mag to ensure compliance and security with your Glock 19.


What magazine fits a Glock 19?

Magazines designed for the Glock 19 and the Glock 17 will work with a Glock 19.

What size mags are on a Glock 19?

The standard Glock 19 magazine is 15 rounds. There are additional magazines available in 17, 19, 24, 31, 33, and 10-round capacities.

Are Glock 19 and 17 mags the same?

The Glock 17’s magazines are partially interchangeable with the Glock 19. The standard 15-round Glock 19 magazine will not work with the Glock 17, while larger capacities will work.

Can you fire a Glock 19 without a magazine?

Yes, a Glock 19 can be fired without a magazine as long as there is a round in the chamber.

Can Glock 19 have an extended mag?

Yes, the Glock 19 has multiple extended magazine options ranging from extended baseplates to drum magazines.

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