What Is the Best Gun Safe For My Car?

What Is the Best Gun Safe For My Car?

With concealed carry becoming more and more common is it important to know when you cannot carry a firearm into a building. This might be because of federal law like in post offices to official policies like banks or some privately owned businesses.

This means you will have to leave your firearm in the car while you handle whatever you need to do inside. In order to prevent the theft of your handgun, you are going to need some form of gun safe for your car.

Consider Your Needs

When selecting a gun safe for your car it needs to balance your ability to access your pistol and still secure your pistol to prevent theft. This means your gun safe needs to have a secure lock and/or keep your pistol out of sight when it is in the car.

Some styles of safe offer easier access, others offer better concealability, and some offer better security. Which style you need will come down to the size of your vehicle and how much space you have to put a safe for your gun. 

Think About Your Car's Interior

Securing your pistol has to involve where you are securing it, in this case, it is going to be somewhere in your car. This means making effective use of the space in your vehicle. Some vehicles like large trucks and SUVs have more space to work with while smaller sedans have less.

Either way, some car safes take up more space, which means that smaller form safes are better, especially if you have multiple-sized vehicles you use regularly.

4 Ways to Secure a Handgun in Your Car

Keeping your pistol secure when it isn’t on your person is part of the responsibility of owning a firearm. This means using some form of car safe. There are a few types of car gun safes and locks available such as  Go Safe Gun Locks, tie down travel safes, vehicle mounted gun safes, and concealed car safes.

Go Safe Gun Lock

The GoSafe Gun Lock is one of the easiest way to secure a pistol in your car. Unlike traditional gun safes, the GoSafe Mobile Safe secures your pistol through the magazine well. This cuts down on the overall size of the secured pistol and allows it to be layered with other safes for even more security.

The GoSafe Mobile Safe is the most mobile option for securing your pistol and allows you to control your gun even if you have to use someone else’s safe, whether in the car or not. 

Tie Down Travel Gun Safes

One of the more common car gun safes on the market is the simple lockable travel gun safe. These safes are small, lockable containers designed to meet air travel restrictions for firearms. They can have additional security with a metal tie-down cable.

These types of safes are usually very affordable but come from a variety of manufacturers with varying quality. They require extra research to get one that is made of durable materials and has effective counter-theft measures.

Vehicle Mounted Gun Safe 

Vehicle mounted car safes are similar to tie down safes in that they are attached to a part of the vehicle in some way. While tie-down safes will use a cable, vehicle mounted safes will usually be bolted to the frame of the vehicle. Vehicle safes are often permanent to semi-permanent modifications to your vehicles.

Mounting the safe to the vehicle adds extra cost to do properly. This means the space the safe takes up is completely dedicated to storing firearms, which can be problematic if you need access to most of the space in your car. Some vehicle mounted safes fit between the console or in other “unused” spaces, but these are limited by the space you choose to use.

Concealed Car Safes/Console Vaults

These types of safes use obscurity to help secure your firearm. Usually designed to look like or partially replace some part of your vehicle, concealed car safes blend in with the interior of your car. This can be a headrest, or some location built into the vehicle.

Console vaults will be built into or take up areas around your car’s console. This makes them convenient for access but permanently ties up space around your console.

Due to the wide variety of concealable car safes and vaults, they have a wide spectrum of cost. This limits the size and location of the safe in addition to their individual designs. Some console vaults and car safes will work better with different types of vehicles

GoSafe Mobile Safe & GoSafe Mobile Mag - Mobile and Secure Gun Safe for Your Car

You may have to secure your pistol out in public at some point and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a gun lock for your car. 

The GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag is a new take on gun locks for your vehicle. They are easier to conceal and use while still securely locking down the pistol. They can be used on their own or with other safes for added security.

The Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag are made with quality materials for consistency, mobility, and reliability. This is in stark comparison to some of the other car safe options out there. The Mobile Safe allows you to easily access your firearm in addition to securing it. 


What is a gun safe for a car?

A gun safe for a car is a secure and portable storage solution designed to safely store firearms inside the vehicle. It provides protection from theft, damage, and unauthorized access.

Are gun safes for cars essential?

Yes, gun safes for cars are considered essential for responsible gun owners who frequently carry firearms in their vehicles. It ensures the safe storage of weapons, prevents accidents, and deters theft.

How do I install a gun safe in my car?

Most gun safes for cars are easy to install and come with mounting brackets that can be securely attached to the vehicle's interior. Detailed installation instructions are usually provided by the manufacturer. 

Is a gun safe for a car secure?

Yes, gun safes for cars are designed to be highly secure. They are constructed with durable materials, feature tamper-proof locks, and may have additional security measures such as biometric fingerprint scanners or keypad access codes.

Can I use a gun safe for a car outside of my vehicle?

While gun safes for cars are primarily designed for vehicle use, they can also be employed in other scenarios. Some models feature compact and portable designs, allowing them to be used in various locations such as your home, office, or when traveling. However, it's important to check the manufacturer's guidelines and suitability for specific use-cases.

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