10 Best Glock Accessories

10 Best Glock Accessories

Glock pistols set the standard for modern handguns in terms of performance and reliability. They offer a good balance of affordability, durability, and functionality. However, everyone’s needs are different. Whether you are a competition shooter, collector, or someone who owns a Glock for self-defense you have different needs depending on your situation.

Thankfully, Glock pistols have a large aftermarket available to them for additional accessories. These can range from sights, grips, and triggers to help improve performance to magazines, locks, and holsters for regular logistical support. We’re going to be looking at the 10 best Glock accessories you should consider for your Glock handgun.  

GoSafe Gun Lock

Owning firearms comes with a lot of responsibility which means you should ensure that they are safely handled by individuals who know what they are doing. The GoSafe Gun Lock series is an additional layer of safety that you can add to your 9 mm Glock. They still allow you to easily access your pistol while restricting who can actually use it.

There are two primary options for the GoSafe Gun Lock series: the GoSafe Mobile Safe and the Mobile Mag. Each offers different benefits depending on your needs.

The Mobile Safe allows you to completely lock your pistol when it is not in use. Similar to regular chamber locks, the Mobile Safe prevents the pistol from being used and having ammunition put into it. This means that once the gun is cleared it can be safely and securely stored with the Mobile Safe inserted into the magazine port.

The Mobile Mag offers similar benefits to the Mobile Safe but still allows you to load your pistol. This 10-round magazine allows you to carry your firearm unlocked and fully loaded but with the ability to lock down it if needed. Perfect for home and personal defense situations where access has to be balanced with security. The Mobile Mag will allow you to prevent individuals like children from accidentally using the firearm.

You will be able to carry your pistol every day and lock it down at night without having to clear the firearm. This is beneficial because the more you load and unload your firearm, the higher the chance of a negligent discharge occurring. It also shortens the lifespan of your defensive ammunition. You can avoid this by simply using the Mobile Mag to secure your firearm.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

Glock brand pistols are known for their reliability, but this reliability lasts as long as the gun is not fully caked in carbon buildup. Over time, all firearms will need to be cleaned, it just takes longer for Glocks to reach this point. This makes cleaning and other maintenance supplies “Must-haves” for your pistol.

Depending on how often you shoot your gun, you should have spares for the parts that wear out the most like the recoil spring assembly, trigger spring, magazine catch spring, etc. A means to clean the barrel and potentially push out squibb projectiles should be in your cleaning kit and are relatively inexpensive.

Upgrades for Sights and Trigger

Some of the first upgrades for your Glock will be sights and/or the trigger. Sights and triggers can affect your performance the most with the least amount of permanent modifications. Glock triggers are easily “dropped into” the gun without the need for hand fitting on most models, making it very easy to obtain a lighter trigger pull which allows for easier accuracy.

Sight upgrades will either use dove-tail iron sights or modern red-dot optics. Iron sights come in a wide variety of styles ranging from self-illuminating night sights to fiber optic front sights and adjustable rears. Whatever your preferences might be, there are iron sights made that match those preferences.

Modern pistol optics give the advantage of working in almost any lighting conditions with the appropriate reticle setting. Red dots make it easier to aim the pistol, especially if your vision isn’t as sharp as it used to be. They will have to be mounted to the slide of the pistol in order to attach them. 

The Gen 5 MOS Glocks come with pre-milled slides in order to mount red-dot optics like the Trijicon RMR or those that share the same footprint like the Holosun EPS and 507 series. There are a number of adapter plates that work with other optics and optic brands available for the Glock MOS.

Extended Magazines and Magwells

Extended magazines and magwells are other accessories that can improve your shooting experience. These mostly apply to competition shooters, law enforcement, and other individuals who use pistols extensively.

Extended magazines allow you to have more ammunition in the gun or as spare magazines. This is either through longer magazine bodies or with aftermarket magazine base plates. The longer magazine bodies are what most people expect with an extended magazine, however, base plate extensions are very popular.

Using a base plate extension allows you to upgrade the magazines you currently have. Not only does it increase the capacity of the magazine, but it also adds mass to the magazine making it easier for the magazine to drop free once the release catch has been activated. This helps increase the speed of reloading.

Another means of increasing reloading speed is the addition of a flared magwell. Magwells with wider mouths than the stock versions make it easier to insert a magazine. If they are a wide magwell, they also have an added benefit of locking in your grip on the pistol. This only works with magwells that create a shelf at the base of the grip. 

Customization for Grips

Glock pistols started to feature a modular back strap system on the Gen 4 variants which has continued on to Gen 5 pistols. This allows you to adjust the back of the grip to suit your hand more easily, helping improve your grip.

While changing back straps is a non-permanent modification, there are permanent grip customizations. This is usually stippling or a grip reduction. Both involve moderately melting the polymer frame of the pistol and if done wrong can severely damage the frame.

Stippling jobs are usually to increase the texture of the grip for better control and retention of the pistol. Some stippling jobs are done for aesthetics, but most are for better performance.

Grip reductions started to be done on Gen 3 Glocks and carried on through Gen 4 handguns. This would adjust the Glock grip angle to be closer to that of a 1911 without completely destroying the frame. Grip reductions are less common after the introduction of the Modular Backstrap System, but can still be found in the market.

Holsters and Carrying Cases

There are numerous reputable Kydex holster manufacturers who make Inside-The-Waistband (IWB) and Outside-The-Waistband (OWB) holsters that securely retain the pistol while you are moving around during your day to day activities.

A good rule of thumb is to have your holster be one type of material. If your holster body is made of two types of material, for example, Kydex and neoprene, you have a higher likelihood of those two materials separating. 

When it comes to carrying cases, there are a number of options available. The standard Glock brand carrying case is included with most new-purchase Glocks and then there are aftermarket pistol cases. These types of cases are great for moving the pistol around in jurisdictions that require handguns to be secured while in a motor vehicle.

More often than not, the standard carrying case that comes with your purchase will not have effective locks, this can be mitigated by using something like a standard chamber lock or a GoSafe Mobile Safe

Laser Sights and Flashlights

Flashlights and laser sights are optional accessories that you can mount on the under rail of your Glock pistol, if it has one. These first appeared on Gen 3 Glocks and have been a staple of the full-sized and compact models of pistols.

Flashlights have the most utility since they allow you to illuminate dark areas. This can help you  identify  a threat if one is present. A large portion of our lives have low-light or a lack of light. Having a light on your pistol helps mitigate these different lighting conditions while allowing you to see when you normally would not be able to.

Lasers, on the other hand, help with aim. Visible lasers are often what people think of when dealing with laser sights. They give you a reference point for aiming when you are unable to use your sights or are stuck in an awkward position. Most hard-use laser aiming devices are geared towards night vision and are not as useful to the average pistol user, usually being geared towards police S.W.A.T. or special military units.

Slides and Barrels

Changing out the slide or barrel of your Glock can both enhance the overall appeal of the pistol and alter its performance.

The slide is the upper portion of the pistol and is usually very plain on the stock version of a Glock. The slide can be swapped out for one that looks nicer and/or has a number of modifications for performance. Some slides have “lighten-ing” cuts or areas where the material is removed to make the slide lighter. 

This makes it easy for the slide to reciprocate and can help optimize the pistol for light target loads, which may have trouble cycling the gun. Some variations even include whole sections cut away from the slide and can be paired with ported barrels for better recoil control.

Non-threaded barrels can have fluting or dimpling along their lengths. This usually is aesthetically pleasing but in terms of fluting allows for the barrel to dissipate heat easier. Dissipating heat faster means that if a pistol is shot a lot it cools faster and can prevent potential impact shifts due to a hot barrel.

Threaded Barrels and Compensators

Threaded barrels and compensators are another accessory set that can positively impact your shooting. Threaded barrels allow for a number of attachments to be mounted to the barrel, the most common of which are compensators.

Compensators redirect the muzzle blast of the gunshot in order to help keep the pistol level. For Glocks, this means the slide will reciprocate in a more linear motion which helps keep the sights on your target. This also allows for faster and more accurate secondary shots.

While there are benefits of compensators and threaded barrels, be sure to check your local laws as some locations restrict or ban threaded barrels.

Enhanced Trigger Components

Enhanced trigger components can create a smoother trigger pull. Standard glock triggers are not known for their smoothness and are often adjusted for slightly better performance. This can involve changing triggers, polishing parts or adding a ghost connector, which is usually referred to as a (-) connector. 

Trigger swaps and parts polishing are the “go-to” solution for better trigger feel. The ghost connector can work but if it is installed incorrectly, or other parts have been modified, it can cause reliability issues in your Glock pistol. For the best results only choose one trigger modification and test to see if reliability goes down.

Glock Accessories for Performance, Safety, and Customization

There are hundreds of different combinations of sights, barrels, magazines, and other accessories for Glocks. If you do not like some aspect of your stock Glock, someone makes a modification or accessory to improve upon it.

This means you can enhance your pistol and tailor it to your needs by using the extensive aftermarket support that has grown up around the Glock brand. You should be able to tailor the security of your pistol as well, which is why the GoSafe Mobile series exists. Choose between the Mobile Mag and the Mobile Safe to ensure your protection meets your needs today.


What are some popular Glock accessories?

Some popular Glock accessories include extended magazines, night sights, slide plates, holsters, and threaded barrels.

Can I modify my Glock with aftermarket accessories?

Yes, Glock pistols can be easily modified with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, allowing you to personalize your firearm to your specific needs and preferences.

Are Glock accessories easy to install?

Most Glock accessories are designed to be user-friendly and can be easily installed by following the manufacturer's instructions. However, if you are unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process, it is recommended to consult a professional gunsmith.

Can I improve the accuracy of my Glock with accessories?

Yes, certain accessories like match-grade barrels, adjustable sights, and trigger upgrades can improve the accuracy of your Glock. However, it's important to note that accuracy ultimately depends on various factors including the shooter's skills and technique.

Are there any legal restrictions on Glock accessories?

The legality of Glock accessories varies depending on your location and local firearm laws. It is crucial to thoroughly research and comply with all applicable laws and regulations before purchasing and installing any Glock accessories.

Are there any accessories specifically designed for concealed carry?

Yes, there are numerous Glock accessories tailored for concealed carry, such as appendix holsters, low-profile slide releases, and extended magazine bases. These accessories help ensure comfort, concealment, and ease of use for everyday carry.

Can I enhance the grip of my Glock pistol with accessories?

Absolutely! Glock grips can be enhanced with options such as grip extensions, stippling, and interchangeable backstraps. These enhancements offer better control, increased comfort, and improved handling for a more customized shooting experience.

Where can I purchase authentic Glock accessories?

Authentic Glock accessories are available through authorized dealers, firearm retailers, and online platforms. It's advisable to purchase from reputable sources to ensure the authenticity and quality of the accessories.

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