7 Benefits of Using a Gun Lock

7 Benefits of Using a Gun Lock

Safety and responsibility go hand in hand with firearms ownership. This means securely storing a firearm is top priority, especially if children reside in the home. Gun locks are a simple investment that offer multiple benefits in addition to peace of mind. Today, we will be going over what gun locks are and what benefits they specifically offer.

Introduction to Gun Locks

Gun locks are locks specifically designed to work with firearms, especially semi-automatic pistols. They impede loading and firing the gun and come in multiple variations.

The most basic variation is the cable lock. Cable locks function very similarly to bike locks and are fed through the chamber, down the magazine well, and back into the locking mechanism. This classic design is effective but lacks convenience and is not very intuitive.

The next style is the trigger lock. This covers the trigger and trigger guard which prevent the gun from being fired. This is useful if you want to keep the firearm loaded.

Newer options include the GoSafe Mobile Safe and the GoSafe Mobile Mag. These gun locks work similarly to a regular magazine. They are easily inserted into the magwell and block the trigger bar of the pistol. 

The Mobile Safe is a good option if you need to store your pistol unloaded. This might be because of local laws or from personal preference.

The Mobile Mag allows you to lock your pistol with ammunition in it and is better for those individuals who want security while still having access to a loaded firearm for home defense.

Increased Safety and Security

Using gun locks has broad support from violence prevention groups, city councils, and other concerned parties. This stems from the desire to have safer communities and decrease the chances of injury. Gun owners can be proactive in using gun locks in order to assist in these objectives while earning goodwill with their communities. This helps destigmatize firearms ownership, allowing for future progress regarding firearm legislation and deregulation. 

Protection for Children

Gun locks are sometimes referred to as firearm safety devices and are some of the physical fail safes that can be used to help protect children from potential accidents. 

While the best way to prevent accidents is training children in proper firearms usage, there is a window of time where very young children might not understand this training. Gun locks and the GoSafe Mobile Safe are great tools to have on hand to protect your children until the age where they can be properly trained in firearms safety.

Minimizing Accidental Firearm Discharge

Gun locks can cut down on accidental discharges of a firearm. There are a number of factors that can lead to an accidental discharge, with tiredness and inexperience being some of the primary factors.

If a firearm is stored unloaded, or locked away if it is loaded, there is less of a chance for an accidental discharge. This increases the safety for everyone involved by restricting access to and the functionality of the firearm.

For those who want to balance safety with access, the Mobile Mag is the perfect option since you can lock the firearm while it is loaded. This means you won’t have to constantly clear the pistol after carrying it. While clearing the pistol is the right thing to do if you can’t lock it up, it does increase the risk of an accidental discharge. Using the Mobile Mag is simpler and has less risk. 

Compliance with Local Gun Laws

While there is no federal requirement regarding the storage of firearms, there are multiple states that require firearms to either have a gun lock, safety storage device, or a gun safe. In order to comply with these laws you should have locks and safes that comply with the recommended features for the state you reside in.

Reducing the Risk of Unauthorized Use

Gun locks like GoSafe can help prevent unauthorized use because each lock has a key that should only be accessible by the purchaser of the lock. If your firearm is stolen, they will not be able to use your firearm that is registered to you. Additionally, if someone in your home were to gain access to a firearm locked with a GoSafe, they would also need to have access to the key in order to discharge the gun. 

Potential Reduction of Insurance Premiums

Insuring yourself and your firearms is a smart thing to do, but the added cost can cause some to forego having insurance. Using a gun lock can be an effective way to reduce the cost of firearm related insurance because you are less likely to be a liability. This is similar to having a clean driving record for car insurance. It is important to make your insurance provider aware of the safety precautions you have installed on your firearms such as safes and gun locks. 

Convenience and Flexibility

If you don’t have access to a firearms safe or cabinet, gun locks can be a good alternative. They are more convenient since they take up less space and can be stored in a variety of locations.

The GoSafe Mobile series adds additional flexibility since they take up even less room than traditional cable locks and are more intuitive than trigger locks. The Mobile Mag even allows you to have security while you’re carrying concealed since you can lock your pistol down without unloading it.

Reasons to Use a Gun Lock

Using a gun lock is more than just an administrative task. It is a step that should be done to help prevent accidents and legal trouble. Here are 7 reasons you should use a gun lock:

Increased security and safety

Locked firearms are harder to access and use than unlocked firearms, which creates a safer environment.

Protection for children

Children won’t be able to access a firearm, which cuts down on potential accidents. 

Minimizing accidental firearm discharge

Having locked firearms means the firearm is effectively inoperable, decreasing the chances of an accidental discharge.

Compliance with local gun laws

Locking your firearms up prevents potential legal fines and punishments depending on the location you live in.

Reducing risk of theft or unauthorized use

A firearm cannot be used if it is locked which may also be a deterrent to thieves. 

Potential reduction on insurance premium

Using a gun lock lowers can your potential for being a liability, could lower the cost of insurance.

Convenience and flexibility

Gun locks help you secure your pistol in most locations, especially if a safe is not available.

GoSafe’s Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag are great options for gun locks. They are more convenient, easier to understand, and more intuitive than other locks on the market. Check and see which one fits your needs and lifestyle.


Are gun locks effective?

Gun locks are a good way to deter unauthorized access to a firearm. While no lock is an absolute guarantee against theft, gun locks do prevent children and other unauthorized persons from easily accessing firearms.

Do guns have to be locked up in California?

Yes. Firearms need to be in or have a DOJ-approved firearms safety device and all firearms sold, manufactured, or transferred in California require a firearms safety device to be included with them.

Do you need a gun lock?

Gun locks are required in certain jurisdictions and are highly recommended for households with small children.

How to lock oem glock gun case?

Factory or OEM Glock cases come with a set of keys for the lock built into the case. These keys can be used to lock and unlock the case.

Is there a safety lock on a pistol?

Modern firearms and some older firearms have numerous safeties built into them to prevent the gun from accidentally being fired. However none of these built-in safeties function like a gun lock.

What gun lock comes with the glock 43?

The glock cable lock is the lock included with the glock 43

What is the lock of a gun?

The lock of a gun can refer to two things: a special device that prevents a gun from being able to be used or the early firing mechanism found on muzzle-loading firearms (e.g. flint lock, match lock, etc.)

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